A closer look at a recent website we designed

     We first did this website a couple of years ago. At the time I think we charged $300- and it was the basic 4-5 page informational website. Text, images, contact page, and an estimate form. We do like adding estimate forms to contractor site and they do work great for lead generation. It was pretty much a set it and forget it website.

     Then with some new management they now have gone to a monthly maintenance plan that we offer. They wanted to improve their search rankings and now as part of our $50- a month plan we have been writting 2 new posts a month coupled with an auto-post feature to push the post on thier social media accounts. We also are constanty adding new  job pictures. All this has been done to push they types of fencing ther install as well as the cities that they cover. This does take some time to work but it is the least expensive way to generate search results. Another advantage over spending hundreds of dollar on adwords is this will generate natural or “Organic” serch results that will stay online. The paid ads go away once you stop paying! We have been doing this for years and can read your analytics and customize a post to focus on the keywords or subject we need to promote.

Watch the video overview of the actual website below: