Basic Video Overview for ONLY $35-

     The importance of having a video to help promote your business cannot be stressed enough. Problem is may new businesses do not have a video of their operation product or service. It seems like it would be no problem to take out a cell phone and record someone painting a house or mowing a lawn, paving a driveway etc… But it’s mostly an afterthought at the end of the day.

     We have a new service that can make you a short Intro or Overview video simply using the information and images on your website. Think of it as your getting started video. You can record or have us produce more down the road, but this will at least get you something to help your business be found in the search engine results.

AND FOR ONLY $35- !!

View the samples below. You will see they are all about the same format or template. Again not award-winning masterpieces, but simple, professional, and affordable starting point.