Biggest Facebook Mistake Business Owners Make

   Many small business owners start off using Facebook for personal use and lead into using it to promote their business. Many, even before they have a website. They then discover they can create their own “Page” for the business and some even get in the habit of posting. Problem is they continue to post short blurbs like they are still only talking with a few friends.

     Keep in mind Facebook was created to make Facebook money. You, me and millions of others write posts that now give facebook another page on the internet to sell space on. The idea and mechanics behind how things work are always that Facebook promotes itself. So when you create a post for a sale, upcoming event, new product or service. Your “Followers” will be notified and click to read. This creates all kinds of inter Facebook traffic with no one ever leaving facebook which again is by design. Increasing only the rankings of Facebook and your Facebook page, but does nothing to promote or better your website’s traffic and rankings. Unless of course, you provide links to something outside of Facebook, namely your website. This is actually the same on any social media platform you use.

     Always link back to your website! This is where having a blog section on your website comes into play. Instead of continuing to create posts on Facebook, then on Twitter, then on….. You now can create much-improved posts with all the video, images forms etc… that you want on your website. Then Auto-Post them to your social media accounts, which will automatically create an excerpt and a link to the full post on your website.

     Time to start thinking of Facebook as a promotions tool to help your business succeed. Also, think and write your post to be seen by people who are not already your “friends” but who have never heard of you before. Give them something so they will want to read more. Make that snippet or excerpt a real teaser and have them want to click on to your website to read the full article.  You can still write or respond to someone with single Facebook entries. But if you’re looking to write something to promote your business make it count.