The Best FREE Self-Promotion Game Plan


How do I get traffic to your website? How do we rank higher in search results? These are common questions we face every day here at FMS Digital Media. For this article, we will focus on a free strategy for small and new business owners. Simply put it’s

Contractor Sites

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Summer SALE! Contractor Websites only $500-!!! Includes Consultation, Multi-Page Design, 1yr SSL Hosting, SEO & Search Submission, Live Support and more

Why Update your Business Profiles?

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Do you have any idea how much misinformation is posted on the web about your business? I certainly hope you know how damaging to your reputation this is. Nothing will send a potential customer to the competition faster than

Is Google punishing your business?

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If your website is more than couple years old and does not have an SSL certificate (https://), then the answer is probably YES!
Quick reasons why are Security HTTP vs HTTPS and the soar in the use of mobile devices. In October of 2017 Google started downranking sites that were not secure.