FREE HOSTING w/ Marketing Plans

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FREE HOSTING w/ Marketing Plans     Our overall mission has always been to have our clients succeed. Sometimes we do design sites that are set it and forget it websites and that is all the client wants. However, most do want a website that performs well over time and the most basic first steps [...]

How do I get more website traffic

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How do I get more website traffic     "How do I get more traffic to my website", is a common question we get from many small business owners. I tend to start my answer with a reminder that the business goal is not more traffic but more sales. Much of what a small business can [...]

Getting started with video promotion

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Getting started with video promotion     The importance of having a video to help promote your business cannot be stressed enough. Problem is may new businesses do not have a video of their operation product or service. It seems like it would be no problem to take out a cell phone and record someone [...]

Social Media Management

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Let us manage your social media network for you. We know that in today’s busy climate it’s hard for you to find the time to keep up with posts, tweets and everything in between. We’re here to help you engage with your target audience and gain an effective social online presence.

Business Profiles

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You have come across search results other than Google or Bing profiles. Super Pages, Yellowbook, Manta, on and on. Good news is, that you can create free listings on all these sites and more.

Social Media Auto-Post

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Social Media Marketing is a great and valuable tool for you to increase awareness about your brand product or service. It is quite literally today’s version of “word of mouth” advertising.

SEO & Analytics

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This really breaks down into 2 different things neither of which are actual marketing or your website. S.E.O. has turned into a buzz word…