Contractor Sites

     We have done quite a number of contractor sites over the years. Some more basic than others, but when it comes down to it they are all about the same. A place online that a future customer can find out about you your business, experience, contact information, images and videos of past work, references etc…

Granted the quality and quantity of those Pics & Videos does increase the visual appearance of one website over another. Much like standard Molding & Baseboard, compared to a fancier style of woodwork.

The typical contractor site we are speaking of contains the following pages.

1.) Home / Landing Page, with an image or slideshow and some intro text.

2.) An About Page, providing some basic info like years in business, location, memberships, certifications, etc…

3.) A Services Page, letting the reader know your specialties.

4.) Gallery Page, to showcase pictures and videos of past work.

5.) Estimate Form, for lead generation.

6.) Contact Page, to let potential customers know how to reach you.

These are the basic pages/features and can be discussed in our FREE Phone Consultation. The goal is to give you a nice looking website that helps promote your business. What makes us different is, that we leave you with a fully functional site that you can edit yourself. Along with free support should you need it.

A couple of other pages you may want to read before you call us, and to better show, all you get for your $500- would be.

Included with every website:>>>

Tips for a smooth design process:>>>

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