FREE HOSTING w/ Marketing Plans

    Our overall mission has always been to have our clients succeed. Sometimes we do design sites that are set it and forget it websites and that is all the client wants. However, most do want a website that performs well over time and the most basic first steps into marketing a website is proper SEO, fresh content, and social media marketing.

While we do include proper SEO and an initial search engine submission with every new website we design. It is good to keep track of your website’s performance and adjust things as time goes on. Keywords and descriptions that were used to describe your product or services may not be the same as they were 2 years ago. There are always trends and phases in any business that you may want to take advantage of. Most of all fresh content give the search engine something new to find on your website keeping it higher in the rankings than stagnant sites with no new content.

We at FMS Digital Media, have always offered Maintenance & Update plans to keep your website secure & up to date on the backend as well as plans to provide new content and marketing analysis.

Today however we are offering as a bonus FREE Hosting for those who choose one of the plans below.

Site Maint. & Content Updates


This includes all the backside maintenance as the basic plan


Fresh Analytics Review

Adjustment in SEO

On call updates ( pics, video, text)

Writing of 1 new post

Site Maint & 4 posts


All the basic maintenance, analytics review and SEO of the other plans.


Fresh Analytics Review

Adjustment in SEO

4 New Post or Pages

( typically 1 per week) Fresh content is incredibly important in search rankings & traffic