Just how bad is Yelp?

     Overall I don’t know, but from my experience and observations, I can certainly see flaws.

For my business, it has been pretty useless, but web design is not on the top of someone’s mind when they think Yelp. Restaurants, lodging, contractors, etc.. more so. I can tell you that I got totally harassed by a salesman to buy advertising.

More recently when helping a client who’s website I designed, I had another negative experience. They never claimed their listing and were having a couple of negative reviews popping up in searches. It was before they owned the company and the complaint was that they couldn’t get anyone to give them an estimate. So nothing the new Owners could do about this now.

     However, once they claimed the listing and I started working on it adding pics, hours, services, etc… I found 7 other reviews that had been hidden. Yelp decided to not show or as they call it “Recommend” any of these other reviews which were positive. Instead only showing the 2 out of 9 reviews that were negative. Pretty interesting.

     When I asked Yelp, I was told this line of B.S. about algorithms, how many reviews a person had left and other things they claimed was what constituted a “Quality Review” Problem was none of the so-called qualifiers matched or separated what Yelp decided to post vs what reviews they decided to hide.           

Even my pointing out that highlighting 2 reviews from someone who had problems getting a fencing estimate after a hurricane and therefore never hired the company. While hideing reviews from people who discussed fencing they had installed and were actually customers seemed very flawed to me. This, of course, fell on deaf ears and the company mantra we so often hear from tech companies today was repeated. “The algorithms….” “Nothing we can do about it”

Now as I said before I’ve only had a couple of experiences with them. But I think one policy from them shows how weird they are. They tell you as a business owner NOT TO ASK your clients to leave a review!!!

To add some funny to this I included these 2 pictures of reviews of Yelp. How funny is it that on their own review site they only get a 2-star average? On TrustPilot the only got 1 star 🙂

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