Landing Pages

   Think of a Landing page as being a large postcard that the user will land on. These are most commonly used as a “Coming Soon” or a Lead Generation display page. The user doesn’t scroll down the page. The content you want them to see is simply displayed as they open the page. This information can contain large images, slide-shows, short text descriptions, Phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact info like social media links. You can also add a short contact form to use as a lead generation tool.

     This is a great option for a new business for a couple of reasons. It does reserve or keeps your domain name as connected to your business. This way if you are more comfortable putting your information on Facebook or other social media platform. You will still have a registered Domain name and website pulling up in search engines. 

NEW FOR 2018:

We have created a 3-page mini-site using this “POSTCARD” solution. Great for those not needing a full-blown website, but still, want to own their domain name, and put it to great use.

Something new we have come up with is a very nice 3-page mini website. It’s more or less 3 Landing pages linked together to provide your basic information in a clean professional design.

This will let you provide your contact information like phone address email. All your social media links, as well as a basic about us, type information. This is a great short-term setup or can be a permanent solution for those who prefer to use social media for updates but understand the value of having an actual business domain name.