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     Finding quality leads is an issue that particularly affects small business owners. A large company can afford to throw away money buying email and other lists that tend to contain junk leads and do it again the next month even. Many new and small businesses can not afford this. Most are in the situation that if they are going to spend even $300- it better turn into a sale.
     This is where we can help the most. With FMS Digital Media you can select based on your needs and not worry about buying some list of recently hacked emails. Choose by zip code, city, state. Type of business, number of employees, email, website, phone number, on and on. No more need to buy bulk junk.

Unsure about this, then start with our

Introductory Offer of 50 leads for $50-

     Yes, $1- p/lead may seem high but keep in mind these are not blind junk leads. They will be selected by the criteria you choose. Only interested in Campgrounds…Then that is what you will get. Only interested in Painting Contractors in a certain city or state? Then let us know. Only want Painting Contractors in a certain City that have less than 10 employees?
You get the idea. It’s about Quality Leads and making your money work for you, the best it can.
To help us get started please fill out the form below or call. Please note that buying more leads does drop the price per lead.
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