Social Media Auto-Post

        Social Media Marketing is a great and valuable tool for you to increase awareness about your brand product or service. It is quite literally today’s version of “word of mouth” advertising. The great thing is you can have an influence over those conversations with your own posts. The downside to this can be the time spent posting here there and everywhere to reach all the groups out there. Plus to be brutally honest, most social media platforms are designed to have your posts increase their traffic.
This is where having a blog on your website and utilizing Auto Posting helps you and your business. Instead of writing 3, 4, 5, or more posts about a new product, sale, event, etc… You can write just the one blog entry on your website, using as much space and creativity as you want. Add pictures, video, contact, polls, survey forms, etc… Then have it be posted on your social media sites. What happens is your Facebook and Twitter, which will then post a summary with an image and a link back to your website’s post. Now driving the readers and traffic to your website!!

Auto-Post Set-up


We will set-up your Social Media Auto-Posting for

Facebook & Twitter


Any other social media sites will be an additional $10- p/site

Stop driving traffic to Twitter and Facebook and start driving traffic to your website instead.