Marketing & Social Media Setup

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google “My Business” and YouTube

Strangely enough, many small business owners ignore these online tools. Perhaps even worse they intentionally refuse to set them up, let alone use them. It may be a generational issue, as many social media avenues are thought of as “play tools” instead of work or promotional tools. Your customers want to become fans of your business online.

Let us help you achieve your social media goals by posting content, images, links, and information regularly. We’ll set up your brand pages for you to increase your web presence through social media outlets! Call us today and we will help you set up a plan that is tailored specifically towards your business and objectives. If you’re too busy or need our expertise in social media management, we have the plan for you!

The Big 3.


Business Profile Set-up


Business Profile Set-up

Your Google My Business Profile

The creation of a Google “My Business” account and profile is the single best thing you can do for your business promotions.

This where your map links, business description, hours, etc.. appear to the right of search results. Granted over time Google will find your business and fill in some information about your business.
This, however, can lead to bad information, incorrect locations phone numbers so take control and show the public what you want them to see.
This also leads to a quicker verification from Google and a jump in search rankings.

We can also set up any other profiles you wish. Pinterest, Linken, YouTube, etc…. the fee is $30- per set-up. With discounts for performing multiple set-ups at the same time.

ALSO: Ask about our Auto Post feature that lets you write one post on your website and have to auto-post to your other social media accounts. This is a huge time saver!