The Best FREE Self-Promotion Game Plan

     How do I get traffic to our website? How do we rank higher in search results?

     These are common questions we face every day here at FMS Digital Media. The answer, however, depends on a few variables. The biggest factor being your budget. If you have $1,000 to $2,000 set aside for monthly advertising, you have far more options than others. 

     For this article, we will focus on a free strategy for small and new business owners. Simply put it’s Social Media Marketing. Yes, that has been a big buzzword for years and many owners immediately picture people using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc… as personal playgrounds for chatting and posting goofy pictures to each other. While that image is accurate, there also is the option of creating business accounts on these platforms to promote your business.

     The goal is to increase your search rankings.

     How that happens is to have more links back and traffic back to your website than your competition. Overall your website is ranked or “found” based on your page titles, and page description. So if you have a basic 5 page website you will only have 5 shots at getting found. This is where having your information in other places on the web comes into play. Business profiles, Google “My Business” Map markers etc… not only give you more “pages” online to be discovered. These resources all link back to your website and this is how you can beat your competition!

Basically, this involves:

1.) Setting up Latest News or blog type section of your website.

2.) Setting up your Social Media Sites.

3.) Installing an Auto-Post feature on your website.

From there you simply write new “Posts” on your website that will then auto post to your Facebook Twitter etc… saving you from having to write content individually on each platform. What happens is the social media site will have a picture and a summary of your article or post with a link back to your website. 

     You see, how the search engines calculate one website to be more important or relevant to a search than another is the links back to the website. You could have two twin websites all with the same pages text images etc… One with 15 link backs and the other with 40 links back to it. Google will see the one with more traffic or links back as more important and rank it higher.

     What this strategy also does is give your website more pages, and more opportunities for you to create page titles, descriptions, and content with the keywords you want. So while you and your competition may have both started out with twin 5 page websites. If you were to sit down one morning each week and write even a paragraph or two, by the end of a year you would have a 50+page website. Each page with its own Page Title, Page Description, and Keywords, to be “found” on the web. Guess who is going to get the higher rankings then?