Twitter’s Promote Mode may be the best value in self promotions.

     In short for $100- you get up to 300 promoted tweets! The first problem we see is that many businesses would not be able to write that many tweets.

To expand a little on the program, Twitter will promote the first 10 tweets your post each day for a monthly fee of $100-. The good news is that it is a subscription service that you can cancel, allowing you to try it for a month or two, look at the analytics and return on investment and decide to continue or not. You could easily spend $100- on Google Adwords and not get anything.

For the real details we have included the following right from Twitter Help Section:

How does it work?
Promote Mode works best for people who Tweet about their brand or product and want an always-on advertising solution.

Each day, your first 10 Tweets that pass our quality filter will be added to a Promoted Tweets campaign that targets your selected audience. Tweets that are promoted become Twitter Ads and appear with a small “Promoted” icon. Your Retweets, Quote Tweets, and replies will not be promoted.

Typically, your first few Tweets of the day receive the most promotion. Simply promote your brand as you normally do — Tweeting updates, links, and media that you want your target audience to see. Promote Mode does the rest.

Promote Mode will also run a Promoted Account campaign, which will increase your reach, attract visitors to your profile, and add followers interested in your brand. On average, accounts will reach 30,000 additional people and add new followers every month. Your performance may vary based on factors such as your account type, your targeting selection, and the type and frequency of your Tweets.

 This is a very easy way to promote your business. There are a few options to help you select who to target. You can list locations, or choose to target by interests. So as you can see this is a great value. Think about it 10 tweets a day for 30 days being Promoted by Twitter for only $100-. You can see why we said the problem you may face is quite litterally not being able to take full advantage of it!