Site Updates & Maintenance

     The website we leave you with has 2 sides to it. The front side that shows all your content for the world to see. Along with the backside that only site administrators can access. This backside or Admin area is where you, and your employees, can make changes to the visual side, by adding new posts, pages, articles, pictures, videos on and on. Also from this Admin or backside is the mechanical updating of tools that make your website perform securely on the web. If your website has comments and other interactive tools to increase traffic and rankings. These will need to be monitored, approved, there are many variables depending on your business and website.

     The point is that your website will need to be checked in on from time to time and kept up to date for continued performance and security. We are available to help you with this as much or a little as you wish. The fact that we tend to tailor everything we do to each client it is hard to come up with a price menu but here are some basic packages for you to think about.

These service plans can be on call, once every 3 months, every month etc….

Obviously regular and consistent content writing and site maintenance will deliver the best security and website performance.

Basic Maintenance


This is mostly updating the backside for performance & security.

If you had simple changes like a phone number, email,

address change, new front page picture etc…

we would include this as well.

Full Time


All the basic maintenance, analytics review and SEO of the other plans.


4 New Post or Pages

( typically 1 per week) Fresh content is incredibly important in search rankings & traffic

     Truth be told having fresh content on your website is extremely helpful, in regards to search rankings. So whether it is some new pictures, a video, or just a little text about a new product or service, we are happy to do this for you.

Always keep in mind. This is not only about adding more content to your website, but increasing visitors and improving search engine rankings.