Website Makeovers

     Many times our new clients already have a website online. They just need to give it a fresh look and to have it function properly on today’s devices. We really excel at providing modern responsive websites. By this, we mean a website that works on all devices and browsers.  It has to work on tablets, cell phones, TVs, etc… Gone are the days of pinching cell phone screen to “see” your website. Today’s website needs to be responsive and adjust to the user’s screen on its own. 

     Linking your social media accounts makes it easier for customers to reach out and interact with the website leading to more contacts & leads.  We also leave you with a website you can easily edit yourself. Something many old websites do not allow.

     Since most of the actual content ( text images, phone numbers email, address etc…) will be the same as the old site, it can be less expensive than when we design a new site from scratch.

We understand that it is hard to “see” the improved performance and functionality with simple images. Just the same, here are some recent Before & After Pictures: