Why Update your Business Profiles?

 Do you have any idea how much misinformation is posted on the web about your business?

I certainly hope you know how damaging to your reputation this is. Nothing will send a potential customer to the competition faster than having an old phone number or address still out there on the internet. EVEN WORSE: Incorrect hours!!! Not much will create bad word of mouth faster than your Google search result saying you are open and no one is answering the phone. The customer is reading “Open Monday 9am-9pm” and they can’t reach anyone. Now granted you know that you decided to close on Mondays months ago. Your regular customers/clients know this. However, if that possible customer does not? Let’s keep in mind someone who is searching for you online probably is not a current customer. Even if they did know your information was bad, unreliable, inaccurate, undependable etc… Is this the image you want to put out there?

      Now creating Business Profiles is probably the first and most basic step to promoting your business. Even when using the internet yourself, you have come across search results other than Google or Bing profiles. Super Pages, Yellowbook, Manta, Local.com on and on. Good news is, that you can create free listings on all these sites and more. Yes, this can be a DIY project for yourself, if you don’t want to hire us.

     The bad news is that many of these sites skim the web and automatically create profiles. Their goal is to create pages to place ads on, and have little or no desire to be accurate. There are others that offer the free ads to only then contact you and try to sell you “better” advertising space. So with all this going on, and you have a business to run. It is no wonder many just leave the bad information out there as they have other things to worry about.

     We can first research your presence and profiles around the internet and check them with you for accuracy. This is FREE and can be initiated with the form below. If you want us to take corrective actions, let us know and we will come up with a price for you. Also, we use our own contact information so you are not getting swamped with solicitations. Once everything is updated, we will let you know and you can easily verify by clicking links to the profiles and seeing that the information has been updated and is now accurate.

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