WordPress Clean-up

     Many people use the WordPress CMS ( Content Management System ) for their websites. The biggest reason is that it lets the owner or an employee add images, videos, posts, pages, etc… without calling the original designer. Some have even started things from the beginning without any professional help. However, they do ignore many of the updates and update notices dealing with “behind the scenes” issues of the WordPress Platform.

WordPress is updated relatively often. Many updates or new versions are improvements. Newer and better features, allowing the user to do more with their website.  More often the reason is security and performance. The problem is a good deal of small businesses have set it and forget it websites. They never change any content. So they never log in to the administration side of things and don’t even know there are programs to update. Many others that will edit or add pages and posts from time to time are unsure what clicking update links will do. Not wanting to get into something technical coupled with a fear of screwing up their website? They just ignore the prompts.

Plugins Before
Plugins After
Themes Before
Themes After

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