In short, we design websites. Strategic web design to be more precise. Our outlook is to do things right the first time and plan ahead. Some things like new and changing technology are hard to predict. However, adapting and implementing the latest trends is not a new strategy. Communication is key and we always provide a FREE consultation, so you can explain your business needs and goals. This lets us implement a strategy that can build upon itself as time goes on.

A Little History:

 In the ’90s our owner was in the advertising business, much of it in printing. Business cards, postcards, flyers, menus, etc… Display Ads & Marketing campaigns in newspapers & magazines. Custom imprinting on mugs, key-chains, pens, pencils, on and on. The end of the ’90s brought on the internet as another advertising medium and he designed his first website in 1998. This started continuous learning of coding & design, and the push for business to embrace this emerging technology. Ironically enough the internet led to the demise of many printing companies, as DIY programs and companies adapted or emerged letting most anyone design their own business cards etc…
     We, however, stayed with the website design and internet marketing and prevailed in a new outlet. More recently we also have focused on creating websites that the owner or staff can edit. While we still can create HTML sites, most of what we leave our clients with is a Self Hosted WordPress website. Complete with video tutorials and full support so they can add their own pictures, videos, text, etc.. We think this was the last barrier to every new or small business having a fully functional professional website that can compete with any major corporation.

We can make the difference!

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