The steps for a successful website are fairly simple.


We at FMS Digital Media provide you with an all in one solutions. Now, while the above statement is a simplified overview it does cover the basics. We do realize that cookie-cutter solutions are probably not going to work for your business. This is why we offer FREE Consultations to provide you with the best service, that will be customized to your business needs and goals.

Website Design

We create custom websites for you with all the features and functionality that we discussed.
We know that cookie cutter solutions don’t work in the real world.

Professional Re-Design

Have a website that is old and outdated?
We can re-design your website into a fresh reponsive design that works well and bring in new customers.

Marketing & Promotions

We are very adept at doing the best with free marketing.
Using social media, press releases, videos, mailing lists, newsletters, combining internet & traditional marketing.
We have many ways to get your marketing started without a big budget.