FMS Services

There basically are 3 steps to creating a successful website.

NAME IT      |     BUILD IT     |     PROMOTE IT

What we offer is an all in one solution to serve all those needs.

Domain Registration

Yes there are many companies that you can register your domain with. Some will be cheaper than the prices we can offer. However there is a clear advantage to having everything like Domains, Hosting, Design, under one roof, as it were.

Modern Hosting

We provide our clients with customized hosting packages to work best for your situation. Times and Internet issues change, and so do we. Today’s hosting needs faster speeds, overnight back ups, daily malware & security scans, the list goes on.

Website Design

We provide complete website design services. New sites, updates to existing sites, landing pages, multi-page sites, it doesn’t matter. Having a modern responsive website that is properly set up is the best place to start.

SEO & Analytics

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )is preparing your website to perform on the web and analytics is the tracking of its performance. We leave every website we design properly programmed for these vital functions of a successful site.

Marketing & Promotions

Today there are so many ways to promote your business and website. Business Profiles, Social Media Marketing, Newsletters, E-mail Marketing, would be the bare minimum for any business who is serious about their success. From there it would need a consultation to see what would work for your business.

Site Maintenance

Most websites today are not the old set it & forget type sites. They are interactive sites with clients and possible customers reading posts, responding to survey questions, signing up for newsletters and notices of upcoming events or sales. This can lead to potential issues if from time to time the website is not maintained.