Top Reasons to Update Your Website

     The biggest reason is the old first impressions adage. Having a website that looks like it was designed at the turn of the century is not good. Even worse is having old phone numbers that no longer work, broken links, contact forms that go to outdated email address no one checks anymore etc…
These are all things that will have someone searching for your product or service move along to the next business.
For a quick checklist of reasons to update your website.
1.) Easy to Edit:
New websites are so much more user friendly. You need to be able get in there and make quick changes. This actually ties in with the above issues. Many of the outdated information remains on websites becuase the owner can not make the edits and the old ” WebMaster” is no where to be found.
2.) Responsive Design:
Today’s websites need to work on all devices and operating systems.
3.)To keep your content feeling fresh:
The last thing you want is for someone to think that your website looks stale and doesn’t change with the times. So, review your photos or copy to make sure they accurately reflect any developments in your business or field of work.
4.) To boost SEO performance and search rankings:
It’s worthwhile reviewing your key SEO words regularly to ensure you include the words and phrases that your ideal clients are searching for.
5.) To show off new images & videos:
If you have been to any events, fairs, networking, or have had any professional headshots or other photographs taken to promote your business, then consider using these on your website as well as your social media. They’re a great way to keep your website looking fresh.
6.) To reflect changing customer needs:
The needs of your customers change and develop over time, and it’s important to have this reflected in your business copy and images.
7.) Your Competitors Have Redesigned Their Sites:
You can do this yourself. Take 10 -15 minutes and look at your competitions websites. Note the text size, colors, and creatives they use. If they recently redesigned and these elements are too different from yours and others in the industry, consider getting suggestions from a professional designer. Outdated websites are not just limited to aesthetics. They provide an experience to your customers. A fresh design is inviting, let customers know that you are evolving with the times and that your business is booming.

     Picture yourself driving down the road looking for a Motel room.. You see one place after another promoting Free WiFi, Swimming Pools, Breakfast, etc…
Then you see one place with an old faded sign promoting that they have Indoor Bathrooms and Color TV.

Don’t be that last Motel.

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