Every Website Design Includes


    We need to have a conversation to better understand what you want your website to look like, as well as what functions your site can use to best serve your businesses needs. This consultation is also meant to let us know the future goals you have, helping us come up with a design strategy. You may not have a use for a website feature or option now. However, with us knowing that in the future you will want to add it as your business grows is helpful. EXAMPLE: Having a “Live Chat” feature on your website is a great way to interact with website visitors in real time and is proven to increases sales. Problem is if you don’t have a staff member that is on a computer to quickly respond there is no point in adding the feature until your business grows.


     This is an extension and the result of our FREE Consultation. Your website will be designed as per our conversation with the color choices, content, features, layout, etc.. you expressed. Every website we design also is a responsive website, that works on all devices, platforms, and browsers. This is very important in today’s marketplace, both for appearance as well as search rankings.


     SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the preparing of your website to function and rank well on the internet. This means page titles & descriptions, for each page, meta tags, registering with Google and creating an analytics account to track your traffic. Then once all this is done we will submit your website to Google Bing Yahoo & about 60 other search engines & directories.


         Yes, we include the first year of hosting with our design packages. We also have created hosting with FREE Auto SSL* giving you a secured website ( https:// vs Http:// ) This avoids your website being punished by Google for not having an SSL Certificate and puts you in their preferred” status.

For the full details of our superior hosting click here.


    This seems to be always the all-important question. Can we edit the site ourselves? YES!! Your new website will have an administration area that you can access from any web browser and then make changes to your website. No 3rd party sites to access. You can edit the text, pictures, videos, on existing pages, as well as create new pages. Inside your admin area is a full library of video tutorials, and we are always available via phone & email for a little guidance. We also do have affordable Site Maintenance plans for those who would rather have us make changes updates & additions.

FREE UPDATES 1st 30 Days:

     In the 20 years that we have been designing websites, we have learned that despite all planning and communications, once a website is finished and online the client will have a tweak or two they would like. Things get overlooked, forgotten about, or realized. It’s the difference between having an abstract vision and seeing the actual product in front of us. No worries with us. Just give a call or send off an email and we’ll make the changes at no charge for the first 30 days.