How do I get more website traffic

“How do I get more traffic to my website”, is a common question we get from many small business owners. I tend to start my answer with a reminder that the business goal is not more traffic but more sales. Much of what a small business can do for marketing is still quite traditional or “Old School”. What a website does in these cases increases the information the public can view about your company. Years gone by you gave someone your business card and said call me. Basically, because that was all the info on the card. Today when you have someone your card, and it has your website address, it’s like handing them a file folder of information. Text, Images, Videos about the services or products you provide. Reviews, Contact Info, on and on. So while that doesn’t appear to explain how to increase traffic to your small business website. It does.
Many new and small businesses are in a very unique position. Most don’t have the money or a profit margin to justify throwing $1,000- or more at Google for Ads each month. They also tend to be geographically limited. For example, a local Roofer or Painting Contractor will tend to have a certain radius from home, that they prefer to work. The same for the customer. They will be looking for someone “In the Area”. So unlike a business that can ship a product anywhere in the country, there marketing needs to be different.
Which in many cases is the back to the old traditional approaches? Display ads in local newspapers, magazines, Banners at high school events, sponsoring local sports teams or other organizations. Swag items like pens, keychains, Caps T-shirts etc…. Keep in mind EVERYTHING needs to have your website address on it. You may not want to hear this but your small business may be at a point in the food chain that these are still the best options, and with a properly set up website. They will give you a far better R.O.I. than paying for Google ads. Believe me spending even $250- on a small postcard mailout to local people you select, is far better than bidding against large corporations for a top of the page advertisement.
It’s about quality traffic to your website. 6 LOCAL people visiting your website that are looking for your product or service is far better than 600 “hits” from hundreds of miles away even from countries you don’t do business in. The goals again are to have the phone ring, someone new walking into your shop and new sales.

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