Write a New Post based on New Keywords

     The idea of using keywords is to show up when someone searches using that keyword or phrase. However, just adding a bunch of keywords to the bottom of a page hasn’t been effective for some time now. Today you need to have content that is related to the search term. It’s best if you can have the page title, page description, and part of the page contain the search term or keywords.
When you first launched your website you had a certain amount of content, and it is nice to go back and edit your content as things change. Ever drive by an old motel and chuckle at their sign is still promoting that they have “Color TV”? Sure it was something worth promoting at one point in time, but today someone might be more worried if they have WiFi. So when a website needs to promote something new you can write a new page or a post.

Searching related keywords and phrases to see which are performing best is always a good first step. Then you can write something around that. Having things blend into a paragraph of content is what you want. Don’t just say”We now have WiFi”. Write some details, explain how you hired company “A” and spent $6,000- installing 300mbps service hard wired into each room. With strong wireless that covers the whole property from the pool to the gym and even the laundry room! Inject those keywords you researched like Fastest hotel internet, best, most reliable, etc…
Researching and then using the search terms you want to promote on a new page or post with its own Title, Description, and content using the matching search term(s) is going to bring you far better results.

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