A Resurgence in Website Promotion?

     It seems that all the political nonsense and interference by the top Social Media Companies is leading to a resurgence in Website Promotions. One of my pet peeves for some time has been how people use social media to market their business. Turns out all they are really doing is promoting the Social media platform or their page on the platform, which is really the same thing. This is something I have written about before as the biggest mistake business owners make in their self-promotion efforts. Driving friends on Facebook to your Facebook page does NOTHING to drive traffic to your website! You can read more on that here>>
Today however as more people are fearful that a social media platform like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc… will cancel them, they are starting to direct people to their website. Now thinking of it as a backup of information images & videos. instead of the other way around as the more successful business have done.
Granted some things online are so out there and in violation of laws that a hosting company can end its relationship with someone. For now, at least that action is not exercised without valid explanation or on par with what seems to be the unexplained whims of a few or personal vendettas that are so rampant today.
So as far as we are concerned this move back to promoting your website instead of your social media platform is welcome.

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