Website Design Services

We believe in providing a complete solution to get you off to the right start.

We can design any website, large or small that you need.

The packages included here do cover the needs of most small and new businesses.

Landing Pages

  • 3 E-Mail Addresses
  • 1 yr/Hosting
  • FREE Auto SSL
  • SEO & Search Submission
  • DIY Editor
  • Full Support

One-Page Sites

  • 5 E-Mail Addresses
  • 1 yr/Hosting w/SSL
  • SEO & Search Submission
  • Google Analytics
  • DIY Editing
  • Full Support

Multi-Page Sites

  • Unlimited E-Mail Addresses
  • 1 yr/Hosting w/SSL
  • SEO & Search Submission
  • Google Analytics
  • DIY Editing
  • Full Support

There will be some websites that do not fall into the listed choices.
Like larger corporations, or businesses that need E-Commerce, Booking & Reservation Systems etc…
Those website solutions will need a Custom Quote

Listed below are the basic features that we include with every website.

Custom Web Design

We create custom websites for you with all the features and functionality that we discussed. We know that cookie cutter solutions don’t work in the real world.

Mobile Friendly

We build “Responsive” websites. This means that they display and perform on all devices and browsers. With all the features, like touch swipe, auto resizing etc…

SEO & Search Submission

We will set up your website with the proper titles, descriptions, keywords etc… and do the initial search engine submission to Google, Bing and 85 other search engines and directories.

Easy D.I.Y. Editing

Easily add new content to your website. New Photos, Videos, Text. No coding knowledge needed, No other websites to log into. Do it all right from your website control panel.

Hosting Included

Yes, we will include your first year of hosting with us. After that the hosting will be a yearly fee based on bandwidth usage. Most small business sites are only $40- p/yr.
PLEASE NOTE: This is state of the art hosting. Customized for great performance and security.

Custom Email Addresses

Unlimited E-mail addresses matching your domain. Since your hosting package with us is all-inclusive, you can create as many e-mail addresses as you need.
Stop using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. etc… and get a professional look with your own .com email address.
Click below to view even more options, features, and functions that we can include on your website.