Website Updates & Content Creation

     We can provide you with as much or little service that you want. Support is always free in the sense of “My Site is Down” or tech type problems. However in the Direction of Updating your website with new content like a new photos or video. Adding some new products or services we tend to charge for that.
This may be an on call service or part of a regular Updates & Maintenance contract we offer. We also have plans involving Content Writing and Social Media Marketing.

↓Below are the more common plans our clients use↓

Basic Maintenence

Admin Side Maint. / Updates of Plugins, Themes etc…

Requested Updates to Existing Content
(Like photos videos new sales etc… )

Monthly Posting

ALL the services on the Basic plan PLUS

A New Post written on the Website
also posted on your social media

Plus Your Google Profile Updated

These plans are a starting point to your social media marketing. They will keep your website fresh with new content to be found and help you rank higher. Keeping up with the new content on your Google Business Profile also will help your business be found.

You can also use the links below to look at more info on these basic Marketing Strategies

     Again a plan that adds a steady creation of new content to your website is best. Then sharing it on your social media, Google Business Profile and other accounts spreads the word as it were. This is best, and most cost effective way of getting traffic, leads, and sales, from your website.