Learn to Work Your Google Business Profile

     This may be the first thing someone searching for your business will see. These business profiles do contain some great information about your business. The basic info like address, phone, hours, maps w/ directions have always been there.
However, Google has expanded what you can add including photos & videos. You also can write posts directly on your Google Business Profile as well as provide images and descriptions of products you sell on your website.

The top 3 reasons these Google Business Profile improvements are great are:

1.) It’s FREE
2.) Very easy to do it yourself
3.) All roads link back to your website. Improving your traffic & rankings
     One successful DIY marketing strategy we still use. Is to write posts on your website and “Share” them on your social media site like Facebook, Twitter, etc… Linking the reader back to your website to finish reading the article or post. This is now something your Google Business Profile can do as well!

Have a product or service to sell or market? Add it to your Google Business Profile.

    Add images, videos, links to an appointment page, or estimate form. These are all things you can do for FREE.
To give you an example. We manage a fencing company website we designed a number of years ago. Below is a video highlighting their Google Business Profile that shows how we are able to write post summaries that link back to their website, as well as add products, images videos… This is all in addition to the usual Business Name, Address, Phone, Hours, etc…

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