Is a one page website a good option for you?

     You have viewed & used one-page websites while online. Many times not even noticing that when you clicked a link in the header, you were jumping further down the same page, instead of linking to another page. So this concept is nothing new.
Granted, while it won’t a viable solution for every small business. However It is a GREAT solution for those without a lot of content. Filling pages with huge photo and video galleries, lengthy “Meet Our Staff” pages Corporate history etc... is great and would need a multi-page website to best display it all. However, some don’t need all that space. These one-page websites are a better fit for a new or small business.
Below are 2 examples.
One is a lead generation site with a simple form. The other a full website with About Us, Services Offered, Contact Info & forms, etc… only just on one scrolling page.

Click on either image below to view working website.

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