Stop writing posts on Facebook

Seriously…..This is one of the biggest mistakes a small business owner can do.

This is going to sound like semantics and I want to make a clear distinction between posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc… as opposed to writing the post on those platforms.
Writing a post on social media only lets the information be seen by those also on the platform, and only drives traffic within that platform. Your Facebook post that is only viewed on Facebook does nothing to help your website traffic, and only helps Facebook in general and your Facebook page perhaps.
Write your posts on your website!!! Then auto-post them or manually “Share” them on to your social media sites.
What this does is put a post on your Facebook or other sites like you were doing anyway, but now….. the reader will only get a summary and have to click a link to your website to finish reading the post. This is called website traffic. ?
I know it seems like a difference without distinction but it truly is not. This is how your website will rank higher. The other only promotes Facebook. Plus this will allow you to write much better quality posts with much more detail and information like images and videos.
PLUS, it lets you write something once and have it show up in multiple locations. Granted there is still nothing wrong with a short blurb being posted directly or solely on your Facebook page. But when it comes to anything that is a serious attempt to promote your business and website…. Then write is out as a website post first. Then share with your social media sites.

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