New Year – New Website?

What are you looking for in a website? A Modern Design that works on all devices? Something you can edit yourself? Live Local phone support?

Introduction Videos to Get You Started

Many new businesses do not have a collection of videos to post online. We can create a short intro video using just the images and information on your website.

Website Updates & Content Creation

We also have plans involving Content Writing and Social Media Marketing. Updating your website with new content like a new photos or video is very helpful in higher search results.

Ongoing Social Media Management

We understand that it’s challenging to find the time to update your social media outlets regularly, come up with content to post and to figure out the best approach strategy.

Learn to Work Your Google Business Profile

Google has expanded what you can add including photos & videos. You also can write posts directly on your Google Business Profile as well as products,

Improved Hosting with FREE SSL

Google is forcing websites to run on https:// which means site owners need to obtain SSL Certificates for their websites. Now when we say “forcing” we mean that they are

Reasons why you should update your website

Having a website that looks like it was designed at the turn of the century is not good. Even worse is having old phone numbers that no longer work, broken links, contact forms that go to outdated email address

Is a one page website a good option for you?

This won’t be a viable solution for every small business. However It is a GREAT solution for those without a lot of content. They work great on Mobile devices and are great for new businesses without a lot of content yet.