Set Up Your Business Profiles

     This is probably the first and most basic step to promoting your business. Even when using the internet yourself, you have come across search results other than Google or Bing profiles. Super Pages, Yellowbook, Manta, on and on. Good news is, that you can create free listings on all these sites and more. Yes, this can be a DIY project for yourself one weekend day, if you don’t want to hire us.
To be clear, What these sites do is sell advertising, so the free listings are usually limited. They then use your contact info to try and sell you display ads, which you are under NO OBLIGATION to buy. Then even if you do not purchase upgraded or display ads they still will have other peoples ads displayed on the page.
     Example: if you search for a local roofer and a super pages search result shows up with a roofing contractor you know is close to you. Once you click to get their contact information these companies will also have links to other roofers that paid. Very frustrating and can be a reason to not bother listing your company on these websites at all.
The problem is that once you start growing these directory companies are going to “skim” the web and create a listing for your business anyways. This ends up leading to listings and profiles on these sites that have inaccurate information, making your business look bad because they had an old phone number, bad email link, incorrect business hours etc…. So there can be a distinct advantage to creating these business profiles.
This is a service above the initial search engine submission we perform. The profiles created in these directories and listing are far more customized. Consequently, we recommend a consultation as not every directory is going to benefit every business and there are some that may be worth paying for based on your business and your competition as well.

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