The FTC May Start Banning Fake Reviews

The Federal Trade Commission proposed a new rule to stop marketers from using illicit review practices such as using fake reviews, suppressing negative reviews,

How do I get more website traffic

How do I get more traffic to my website, is a common question we get from many small business owners. I tend to start my answer with a reminder that

Stop writing posts on Facebook

Seriously…..This is one of the biggest mistakes a small business owner can do. This is going to sound like semantics and I want to make a clear distinction between posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc… as opposed to writing the post … Read More

Write a New Post based on New Keywords

Researching and then using the search terms you want to promote on a new page or post is going to bring you far better results.

Learn to Work Your Google Business Profile

Google has expanded what you can add including photos & videos. You also can write posts directly on your Google Business Profile as well as products,

Tips for a smooth design process

Communication is key. It doesn’t matter whether you already have a website and need to give it a makeover, or are starting from scratch. The first couple of things you want to clearly communicate are. 1.) What you want your … Read More

Every Website Design Includes

We include everything you need to have a complete, and functioning website online with 30 days of FREE Updates as well.

Improved Hosting with FREE SSL

Google is forcing websites to run on https:// which means site owners need to obtain SSL Certificates for their websites. Now when we say “forcing” we mean that they are

Reasons why you should update your website

Having a website that looks like it was designed at the turn of the century is not good. Even worse is having old phone numbers that no longer work, broken links, contact forms that go to outdated email address

Is a one page website a good option for you?

This won’t be a viable solution for every small business. However It is a GREAT solution for those without a lot of content. They work great on Mobile devices and are great for new businesses without a lot of content yet.

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